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Cross Cultural Training

Our trainings provide you with the necessary foundation and tools to become for better understanding of the challenges facing multicultural workplace

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Relocation Training

We will give you an accurate portrayal of the possible lifestyles in your target destination as well as guidelines and tools on how to adapt and deal with the cultural differences

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Intercultural Coaching

Coaching’s purpose is to facilitate the realisation of potential for competent and successful individuals. Coaching is a tool for performance enhancement.

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Trainer Training

Train the Trainer programme is designed for both beginners and experienced trainers, who wish to learn more about the theory and practice of intercultural training.

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Here to help you and your organization develop the cross-cultural “know-how” to serve an international population.
We provide individual and team developmental support to help your company work more effectively anywhere in the world.
  • Unilever | HSBC | BMW | BOSCH | Nestle | GM | Corning |

  • We work in English, German, Polish, Mandarin, Spanish, French

  • Over 50 Experts, Trainers and Partners

  • Holistic Approach and New Methods


Our trainers come from various different cultural areas. All of them have a degree in a related field as well as formal intercultural studies and working knowledge of cultural values research. They are well equipped with many years of global professional experience and at least three years living and working internationally.

Dr. Anna Storck

Professional Coach & Trainer
Anna is a highly flexible and adaptable trainer and a good communicator, with a sensitive approach to important and often complex issues. Being Polish by birth, she has spent more then half of her life aboard living, studying in different countries and working for international companies.

Dr. Barbara Bartczak

Cross-Cultural Trainer
Barbara has 10 years of experience in conducting intercultural trainings aimed at supporting managers from all over the world. She is sensitive, open and flexible in style, whilst providing challenge, energy, direction.

Mo Riddiford

English Teacher & Trainer
His love of effective meaningful conversation has taken him around the world. This journey towards global citizenship has continued for over thirty years. He has now lived and worked for more than five years each in Australia, England, the United States and now thirteen years in Germany.

Ferenc Leuko

Executive Coach
Ferenc Leuko is an executive coach and trainer with 15 years of experience in delivering coaching, facilitation, and training services. He is passionate about supporting leaders and aims to bring out individuals’ leadership potential.


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