Ho to join a Zoom meeting?

We provide our webinars, Train the Trainer live sessions and other e-learning formats using the Zoom Platform. Zoom, the cloud meeting company, unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform. The Zoom solution offers the best video, audio and screen-sharing quality across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android,  telephone etc.  Zoom Read more about Ho to join a Zoom meeting?[…]

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e-learning for trainers

2016 we flipped our Train-the-Integral-Trainer TIT™ to personalise learning to all participants and make them take ownership of their learning! Following the latest design trends we use fantastic Google Classroom LMS tool. Our videos, presentations, and other material is now delivered to our participants outside of meeting rooms using Google simple end elegant interface. It is Read more about e-learning for trainers[…]

online webinars

We provide valuable educational information on timely, interdisciplinary topics around the Cosmopolitan Communication. A key feature of our webinars is to give, receive and discuss information and combine visions of transcultural justice, peace and conviviality with an ethical commitment to difference and alterity.