EU project Erasmus

Together with the Institute for Global Integral Competence we are partner again at the Erasmus + Project: Teaching English Motivatedly for Adult Students. This project has the scope to bring together the different participating partners target groups, that is adult students who will have the opportunity to visit and meet their counterparts in different countries, to exchange the experience of learning a second language. The representatives of some institutions operating in different european countries in the field of language teaching found to have common problems and exigences, to make their teaching action more useful. There are partners from Italy, Sportello Elp and Turkey, Aydin Egitim,Kultur ve Sanat Dernegi involved in this project.


This partnership would serve as a means to share ideas, methodologies and best practices on how to motivate student learning. TEMAS will consist of creating oral activities based on topics connected to students’ interests, no matter their different background and needs. These oral activities will be the base for interaction among students (e-learning and blended learning) from different institutions through an on line community that we will create for this purpose. The topics for debate, role-play and discussion will be related to social challenges and changes faced by Europe as a whole and to issues which affect all citizens in the Union, regardless of their origin, social background or their age. At an advanced stage students will also be brought together for the purpose of a “live” simulation and the target of offering also students the opportunity to meet and speak face to face about all the matters . We believe that this project would be an instrument to help the growth and integration of adults in the development of “key competences” of European citizenship.


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