European Vocational Skills Week

We are an official Partner at the European Vocational Skills Week and recognized as Professional Trainings Provider. EVSW is a European Commission initiative to highlight and promote the very best of training and skills. EVSW is a European Commission initiative to highlight and promote the very best of training and skills.


We are happy to share our examples of excellence and promote professional skills for trainers. From 28th Oct. to the 1st Nov. 2019 we guarantee you a free access to our E-Learning Platform for the Train the Trainer Course and provide 5 free Webinars on following topics:

Integral Approach for Trainers | 28 October 2019 form 20:00 CET

This module covers the bases of Integral Theory for those who wish to be caught up with the most current version of the model before the Train the Trainer course begins. You will learn here the AQAL – a comprehensive map of human potentials – and its 5 simple elements. It helps you see both yourself and the world around you in more comprehensive and effective ways. Additionally you will be introduced to a full spectrum of the stage conceptions, include those of self development pioneered by Clare Graves and presented in the psychological approach Spiral Dynamics Model. Understanding the theory of human behavior helps you to effectively work with people and their values.

Culture Awareness Training | 29 October 2019 from 20:00 CET

This Module is all about Culture. You should be able to critically review concepts and definitions of culture, know some models of Culture and know what the Culture Shock shock is about. You will be able to describe the causes and functions of prejudice and identify bottom-up and top-down effects of attitudes and attributions. You will get more clarity about your personal and collective identity and related constructs as identification, integration and knowledge and develop the deep cultural intelligence, which is a balance between knowledge, empathy, self-confidence and cultural identity. This Module will provide an in-depth examination of culture and its implications for you as an intercultural trainer.

Culture Specific Training | 30 October 2019 from 20:00 CET

Culture-Specific Trainings enable participants to learn from and share the wealth of others’ traditions. Those kind of training focuses on the cognitive and experiential levels when dealing with another culture in order to teach the necessary competence when working with partners across the world. In the webinar about the Culture Specific Training we will talk about praxis and share our experience with you. You will learn all about how to give effective intercultural competence training and get know our Train the Trainer handbook, which is a detailed blueprint for a two-day intercultural training course. 

Training Design | 31 October 2019 from 20:00 CET

The instructional design process consists of  determining the needs of the learners, defining the end goals and objectives of instruction, designing and planning assessment tasks, and designing teaching and learning activities to ensure the quality of instruction. We will go together through Instructional Design Process, which will help you to create your own Training Design Template and more effective training materials.

Trainer Presence | 01 November 2019 from 20:00 CET

The objective of Trainer Presence Module is to address the basic elements necessary for the effective preparation, implementation and evaluation of training, with the aim of that training being “to get the message across“. To achieve that objective, the Module Trainer Presence is intended to provide guidance to trainers in the skills of conveying their message successfully and transferring related information. By the end of this Module you should know the qualities, characteristics and competencies of a good trainer. You will learn how these skills are readily available for cultivating your own personal genius in a way that is respectful of the power of the unconscious.

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