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This Trainer Manual is a unique interactive iBook for intercultural trainers. The concept of training is constructed in the likeness of routing, in which the trainers will find numerous information about the structure and course of the training. There are both practical tips and theory with actual examples in the form of video sequences from our trainings, relevant images and ready presentations PPP. Trainers can use the examples in their own practice, coaching taking all one to one , or choose some of its parts and used in many different combinations. This concept of training was complemented by me many times and is a proven during many training sessions. Our intention was to encourage trainers to conduct training for intercultural competence for Poland.

TRAIN THE TRAINER. Intercultural Competence for Polen


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The link between intercultural communication skills
The core leadership, intercultural communication skills
Diversity and its impact on leadership
Team behaviour and team skills
The skills required to lead international teams
The communication skills required to work internationally


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Designing and producing a training session can be a difficult task. Not only do you have to make sure the knowledge/skill you are training is factually correct but you also have to present it in a form which is easily digested by your learners. There is a logical 8 step process which will ensure that you include everything you need to in your training design and the learning can be evaluated back against your session objectives.


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The training timetable offers outline designs for seven half-day, one-day and two-day workshops using activities from activities for Cross-Cultural Training along with a detailed bibliography. With 80 activities covering skills such as understanding culture and differences, stereotypes, cultural self-awareness, cultural influences, barriers to communication, this varied and imaginative collection is a must-have resource for anyone involved in cross- or inter-cultural training. The collection concludes with a detailed bibliography of further reading and references.


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