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“I believe that all expats would benefit greatly and be better positioned for a successful assignment if they have cultural training before starting an assignment in a new country where cultural differences for both living and working are so varied – like the cultural differences in India compared to America. There is just too much margin for error and getting off on the wrong foot without the proper preparation and education.”

As an expat, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know!’ That’s the key concept for me to understand the value of a training program like this. I consider it absolutely basic and fundamental; it should be mandatory.”

“The information was very practical and we can start using everything we learned immediately after we walk out the door.”

“I loved the program! It was really informative and detailed. Our trainer made sure that I didn’t have any questions left unanswered in the end.”


We certainly enjoyed our training and learned a lot! Thanks for all of your hard work putting it together. We look forward to our continuing our follow-up training in the upcoming months.”


“I would recommend this program to others in my company because it makes one more aware of the new setting/environment.”


“The most helpful part of the program was the overall picture of life and life experiences in Germany and how to look at them…Extremely satisfied with the program.”


“I would recommend this program to others because the training was tailored to our specific needs and questions…They should consider making all people that travel to international countries take this training.”


“Helpful things that I learned include reasons that explain why people/locals do things, act and behave. Understand the cultural differences, accept and adapt.”


“Extremely satisfied with our program and would recommend to others because the approach (cultural training) is largely unknown and should be invested in by companies more often.”


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